2 Bottle Nitrogen System Service Handcart

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Our 2 bottle nitrogen system service handcart is simple and easy to use and includes everything required to provide nitrogen service for aircraft. (excluding the bottles and gas)

  • Painted 2 bottle cart
  • Retractable casters
  • Pneumatic tires
  • ENB-45 nitrogen booster
  • Hose kits for connecting booster, regulator and bottles
  • 1 bottle low and a 1 bottle high nitrogen regulator with (2) 15′ (4.5 m) delivery hoses with part number 05-001 and 05-002 adapters (one on each hose)

Note: For customers outside of North America, a standard CGA connector that will connect to any North American gas cylinder will be supplied. Customers outside of North America should also provide their local gas cylinder connection information to ensure a proper fit.

P/N: 001541

AERO Product ID: 2000905

Please contact Dawnthrive Ltd for more information on the 2 bottle nitrogen system service cart. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.


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