2-Bottle Oxygen Service Handcart Complete (Remote)

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Our 2-Bottle hand-movable aircraft Oxygen system service cart is designed for remote (ramp) and/or in-hangar boosting. It features swivel casters and pneumatic tires. The unit comes complete with a booster and regulator system. Includes everything required to provide O2 service for aircraft (except for the bottles and gas):

Painted 2-bottle cart with swivel casters & pneumatic tires
OB-30 oxygen booster
1-bottle oxygen regulator with 15′ delivery hose and adapter
1-bottle low pressure nitrogen regulator & hardware for running O2 booster (required)
Hose kits for connecting booster, regulators, and bottles

AERO Product ID: 2000971
Legacy AERO Product ID: 001617

Please contact Dawnthrive Ltd for more information on this Oxygen Service Handcart. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.

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