24″ Reflective Wheel Chocks (XL)

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Our extra large 24″ Rubber Aircraft Wheel Chocks are designed for use on commercial airline type aircraft. Constructed of a sculpted rubber compound, the 24″ Wheel Chock incorporates a reinforcing nylon fiber pattern that is structurally woven to enhance durability and overall performance characteristics. Includes a heavy-duty 44″ nylon rope that connects each pair of black wheel chocks. Hi visibility vinyl reflective strips are adhered to each side of the 24″ Wheel Chocks, allowing for easy nighttime chock placement verification.

These wheel chocks will safely chock the tires of commercial vehicles, aircraft, and industrial products. Our chock design satisfies OSHA requirements. (OSHA requires wheel chocks for vehicles over 1500 lbs. when parked on an incline or when being unloaded by a powered vehicle like a forklift.)

24″ Aircraft Wheel Chocks resist:

  • Skidding
  • Fuel and hydraulic fluid
  • Saltwater, foul weather and exposure to the elements in diverse climates

Compares to Tronair Black Wheel Chock 24, part number 99-9028-6024.

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