4 Bottle Dual Oxygen-Nitrogen Service Cart

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The 4-bottle oxygen and nitrogen service cart features a combination of nitrogen and oxygen supply bottles. By having an OB-30 oxygen booster and NB-45 nitrogen booster, this service cart utilises the oxygen and nitrogen within the bottles to the maximum via boosting the low pressure oxygen or nitrogen to high pressure.

These boosters can be placed on the top of the cart for easy operation or work bench if preferred. The O2 booster doesn’t require an air regulator, air lubricator or inlet air valve and has an output rating of 2,200 psig. The nitro boost system has an adjustable output rating from 500 psi to 4,500 psi.

Equipped with heavy-duty fifth-wheel steering, this service cart has the ability to turn the rear wheels left or right along with the front wheels, thus providing additional manoeuvrability both by hand or by being towed by a towing vehicle. This ergonomic unit is inclusive of heavy-duty running gear, towbar locking brake, integrated hose racks and a positive lock system for the bottles, which prevents vibration to loosen them during operation.

Additionally, it features a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame, which reduces various wear issues, such as corrosion and scratches. This horizontal bottle-loading cart comes complete with all the required attachments, operation manual, adaptors and boosters to service the aircraft, excluding supply bottles.

With reflectors, operation and warning labels, this service cart is CE marked and, therefore, complies with the European safety requirements. In addition to this, the oxygen and nitrogen service cart comes equipped with calibrated gauges, gauge guards and brass regulator valves for control of flow valves.

The unit can be shipped fully assembled and operational, unless a more compact shipping dimension is required. Its running-gear components are interchangeable with the same-brand oxygen/nitrogen carts, lavatory carts and water carts, thus making maintenance easier.

AERO Product ID: 2000983
Legacy AERO Product ID: 001627

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