4-Bottle Tilting Dual Nitrogen-Oxygen Service Cart (Complete)

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The 4-bottle tilting dual oxygen-nitrogen service cart features “Tilt ‘N Tow” bottle holders, which allow a single person to replace the bottles in minimum time and with little effort. It has two bottle stands that are able to be in the upright position for bottle loading and 45° tilt position for aircraft servicing and easy manoeuvring of the cart.

This service cart comes fully calibrated and comes complete with all the equipment required to provide both nitrogen and oxygen to aircraft, including a high-quality regulator system, NB-45 nitrogen booster, OB-30 oxygen booster, fittings, adapters and hosepipes. This excludes the gas bottles, which need to be bought separately.

The NB-45 boosts the remaining lower pressure nitrogen from the bottles to the required pressure, from 500 to 4,500 psi. The nitro booster, driven by compressed air or nitrogen, cycles automatically to boost low pressure nitrogen to high pressure nitrogen.

The OB-30 O2 booster uses 80 psi drive pressure to produce 2,200 psi oxygen pressure. Its pump will not run if the inlet pressure is either below 250 psi or outlet pressure is above 2.400 psi. A shut-off valve is provided to reduce damage in the event of an ignition incident.

With an efficient and comfortable design, this ground support equipment system is both heavy-duty and lightweight. Equipped with pneumatic tyres, plus locking towbar brake, the cart is easy to move by hand and to tow. Its frame is made from power-coated steel, reducing the risk of corrosion, abrasions among other wear issues.

All oxygen and nitrogen service carts care CE marked, meaning the cart complies with the essential European safety requirements. This low profile, portable oxygen and nitrogen cart is durable, simple to use and maintain, as its components and running gear is interchangeable. Additionally, this cart has the ability to adapt to an array of supply bottles and aircraft types.

AERO Product ID: 2001976
Legacy AERO Product ID: 003073

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