50′/15m Dual Cable Static Grounding Reel

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The dual-cable static grounding reel features 50 feet (15.24 m) of cable on each of the two cables and alligator clamps at the end of both reels. This new design allows operators to connect the reel to the aircraft and the ground at the same time, reducing the risk of static electricity buildup. This reel features a spring rewind for easy rewinding of the cables.

This dual-cable reel is ideal for use in aircraft fueling, oxygen service, nitrogen service, or any situation in which potentially combustible material is used. Alternatively, this product can be used for industrial, commercial, or military applications – such as vehicle fueling or the loading/unloading of trucks, grain silos, tank cars, chemical refineries, fuel refineries, or military vehicles (such as tanks).

AERO Product ID: 2003018
Legacy AERO Product ID: 004330

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