Bell 214ST Hydraulic Ground Handling Wheels

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Helicopter ground handling wheels are used to lift a helicopter off the ground for easy movement in the hangar or on the ramp. They are attached to the skids, allowing for the user to easily balance the aircraft during maneuvering without the tail hitting the ground. Our ground handling wheels provide a portable and dependable solution for the maneuvering of your helicopter.

This model of hydraulic ground handling wheels allows for movement of Bell 214ST model helicopters by means of heavy-duty tires and an integrated hydraulic hand pump system.

Using the hydraulic pump, the helicopter may easily be lifted off the ground. The weight of the helicopter is supported by the hydraulic system. The dual-wheel design reduces twisting by providing equal pressure on both sides of the tube. Therefore, the stress and strain associated with single wheel systems is greatly reduced. These wheels are high-gross to 20,000 lbs. Superior design allows the wheels to be jacked straight down. This is done with a simple & reliable 8-ton hydraulic bottle jack. Duality of purpose is achieved with the jack handle also being used as a tote handle to move the wheels.

AERO Product ID: 2001402
Legacy AERO Product ID: 002111

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