Eagle EB2-8 Bob Tail Tow Tractor

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The Eagle EB2-8 Bob Tail Tow Tractor, based on the Ford Diesel F550 V-8 Turbo, is the North America’s most preferred all-weather multiple purpose high speed tow tractor.

This high-speed, long tow, cargo tractor has the required capacity for towing ground support equipment of up to 36,287 kg (80,000 lbs), primarily used for towing baggage carts and cargo pallet trailers at high speeds governed to 40 kph (25mph).

The Ford F-550 chassis has unequalled, commercially-proven, reliable drive train, limited slip rear axle and braking system. Fitted as standard with power steering, front and rear disk brakes, heavy-duty radial tyres and within the cabin air conditioning, ergonomic seats and multiple air bags are fitted to ensure comfort and safety.

To ensure ballast and protection of the Bob Tail, this tow tractor includes a heavy-duty steel tubular grill guard for the side and front.

Complete with a 132.5L tank, this ensures this cargo tug has sufficient fuel for covering long distances and working long hours.

As standard, this tow tractor includes a rear-site tunnel for direct hitch visibility for the operator. If required, various hitch configurations are available with the Bob Tail upon request.

The popularity of the Bob Tail has seen many companies attempt to replicate the same power and precision these models are able to exhibit. However, the Eagle Bob Tail is still the leader in high-speed, long-distance, cargo towing and therefore, the go to GSE tow tractor.

The EB2-8 Bob Tail Tow Tractor includes the following standard features:

  • Rear hitch sight tunnel
  • Body, tubular grill guard for the side and front & rear bumpers made with heavy steel plate
  • Speed governed to 40 kph (25 mph)
  • Heavy duty wheels and radial tyres
  • Limited slip rear axle
  • Turn, stop, tail and backup lights on cab protection rack
  • Air conditioning
  • Powers steering and braking (Hydraulic)
  • Ventilated front and rear disk brakes
  • Heavy duty and radial tyres
  • V-8 Turbo 300 HP
  • Towing capacity 36,287 kg (80,000 lbs)

The following optional features can be added to this unit:

  • Various hitch configurations
  • Brake pedal safety pad
  • Beacon
  • De-activated door locks
  • Sliding rear window

For more information on the EB2-8 Bob Tail unit and other tow tractor units, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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