Eagle eTT-12 Electric AWD Tow Tractor

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The Eagle eTT-12 Electric Aircraft Tug is able to tow aircraft weighing up to 58,967 kg (130,000 lbs), in normal operating conditions, with its environmentally friendly 80 A/C electric engine. This aircraft tug features an all-wheel drive (AWD), with weight distribution between the front and rear wheels for balance, push back and towing traction.

The eTT-12 Eagle Aircraft Tug comes as standard with limited slip rear axles, which prevents slippage by automatically transmitting more power to the wheel that has more traction rather than the wheel that is spinning. This feature also allows normal differential action during turns. It is an important feature since this is not available on any other brand of aircraft tug.

This low profile aircraft tug features front and rear site tunnels, providing the operator with unobstructed front and rear hitch visibility. This coupled with the advanced hitch alignment system and e-hitch positive locks make quick aircraft turns safe and routine. It also features front and rear inching switches for one-man hitching operation.

From the operator’s standpoint entry and exit to the eTT-12 Eagle Tug is quick and easy as it has the lowest stepping height and advanced ergonomic seating in its class.

With four-wheel powered breaks and electrically controlled power and the smoothest drive trains available, the Eagle eTT-12 AWD Electric Aircraft Tug provides smooth towing with least push back possible, making the Eagle Tug the answer to precision handling of aircraft even in the tightest of spaces.

The Eagle eTT-12 AWD Electric Aircraft Tug has the industry’s longest and strongest warranty, three years or 3,000 hours, with parts and technical support available globally.

The eTT-12 Electric Tug is powered by an extremely efficient and reliable zero-emission 80V A/C brushless electric traction motor. As an optional extra, this aircraft tug can be equipped with a “Smart Charge” battery and charger system, which enables a more efficient use of power and charging.

This Eagle Tug is capable of towing a wide range of aircraft, including: BBJs, Gvs, Bombardier Global Express, RJ 85s, BAE 146s, DC9s, CRJ 900s, ERJ 190s and many more.

The Eagle eTT-12 AWD Electric Aircraft Tug includes the following standard features:

  • 80V A/C electric drive
  • All wheel steering
  • Low profile
  • High sight tunnels
  • Power steering and breaking
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Separate charge receptacle with auto-switching

The following optional features can be added to this unit Smart Charge

  • “Smart Charge” battery and charger
  • Front and Rear E-hitch
  • Custom paint scheme

For more information on the eTT-12 or to demo unit, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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