Eagle eTT-8 Electric AWD Tow Tractor

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This zero-emission eTT-8 electric aircraft tug features a towing capacity of 45,359 kg (100,000 lbs) in standard operating conditions with its environmentally-friendly 80V A/C electric brushless motor. This aircraft tug was engineered to meet the requirements of today’s regional airlines, military fight operations, corporate flight departments and FBOs.

The alternating current motor is low-cost, quiet, and long-lasting as there are fewer parts that can wear out and need to be replaced than in brushed motors, eliminating preventative maintenance. Brushless motors are also typically 85-90% efficient, which means more of the power used by the motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat.

The energy-efficient eTT-8 aircraft towing tractor also features all-wheel drive for traction in all surface conditions and all-wheel driving, which enhances the vehicle’s cornering stability, improves steering response and precision and allows the tow tractor to have a smaller turning radius and therefore, improved manoeuvrability.

This low-profile and compact package Eagle tug provides the operator with an ergonomic compartment, which is comfortable, safe and allows the operator to efficiently and safely handle the aircraft. In addition, its front and rear sight tunnels provide the operator with unobstructed hitch visibility.

The aircraft tug comes complete with front and rear inching switches for one man hitching operation, plus a separate charge receptacle with auto-switching.

The eTT-8 comes standard with the following features:

  • 80V A/C electric drive
  • All-wheel steering and all-wheel drive
  • Power steering and braking
  • Hitch sight tunnels
  • Low profile
  • Inching feature for easy hitching
  • Separate charge holder with auto-switching

The following optional features are recommended to complete this unit:

  • “Smart charge” system, which allows the battery to be charged several times during the work cycle, in order to maximise efficiency, with no reduction in battery life-cycle
  • Front and rear e-hitch
  • Custom paint scheme

The Eagle e-TT-8 electric aircraft tug has the industry’s longest and strongest warranty, three years or 3,000 hours, with parts and technical support available globally.

For more information on the Eagle eTT-8 or to demo a unit, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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