Eagle TT-4 Tow Tractor

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The Eagle TT-4 aircraft tow tractor is ideal for moving small to mid-size corporate aircraft and military helicopters, such as the Cessna Citation family, Hawkers, Learjet, among others weighing up to 24,948 kg (55,000 lbs). Capabilities vary depending on surface and weather conditions.

When surface conditions are wet, the maximum towing capacity is 24,948 kg (55,000 lbs). When towing in snow, the maximum towing capacity is 13,608 kg (30,000 lbs).

With the choice of a gas, diesel or LPG engine, all compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards, this aircraft tug offers the opportunity for the buyer to choose which engine is the most appropriate for the required work. The torque, fuel tank capacity and service weight will vary depending on the type of engine chosen.

In addition, maintenance and service costs of a diesel tug are traditionally lower than gas-powered tractors. LPG powered tugs are quieter in use than the diesel alternatives and their exhaust fumes are less offensive as well.

With a low-profile design, ergonomic operator workspace and front and rear hitch sight tunnels, this unit provides the operator with a safe and efficient method of handling the aircraft. It comes standard with a power-assisted steering and braking system, front and rear brakes, side and top engine access and low oil and high temperature shutdown system. Its mid-operator design allows the operator to “slide-in and slide-out” safely and quickly.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s regional airlines, fixed operators, corporate flight departments and military flight operations, the Eagle TT-4 tow tractor can feature an all-wheel powertrain if required. The TT-4 is available as the TT-4/2, which comes standard with dual rear wheels for added stability.

The standard features of this tow tractor are:

  • Low profile
  • Hitch sight tunnels
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Power steering and braking
  • Side and top engine access
  • High temperature/low oil shutdown system

The following options can be added to this unit:

  • Front and rear e-hitch
  • Limited slip differential
  • 2,000 hours PM kit
  • Custom paint

The Eagle’s aircraft tugs have the industry’s longest and strongest warranty, three years or 3,000 hours, with parts and technical support available globally. With over 45 years of experience, the Eagle tugs are reliable and efficient tow tractors.

For more information on the Eagle TT-4 or to request a demo unit, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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