Eagle USATS-6

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This Eagle’s Utility Standard Aircraft Towing System (USATS) is able to tow a maximum capacity of 31,751 kg (70,000 lbs) with its 26.7 kN (6,000 lbf) drawbar pull. It was engineered at the request of the United States military and designed to meet the requirements of today’s military aircraft operations.

The Eagle USATS-6 is a versatile tow tractor, combining an aircraft tug and a burden carrier in one compact package. It is capable of carrying cargo up to 909 kg (2,200 lbs) on a 1.52×2.29 metre (60×90 inch) deck, with built-in tie down straps.

This military tug features an all-wheel drive (AWD) power train, providing power to all its wheels in all weather conditions. Whether pulling or pushing an aircraft the AWD feature provides higher traction and steering control, improving safety and efficiency. This feature allows for the tug to weigh 1/3 less than a Rear Wheel Drive tug, which makes the USATS ideal for air transportation.

Various aircraft are able to transport this unit, including Lockheed C-130 Hercules; Lockheed C-130 Hercules; Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and Boeing C-17 Globemaster III.

Equipped with an ergonomic front operator compartment, offers the operator with enhanced control and visibility. In addition, it comes standard with power steering and braking, front and rear brakes, side and top engine access and low oil/high temperature shutdown system.

The following features can be added to the Eagle USATS-6:

  • Adjustable front and rear hitches, from 203-406 mm (8-16 inches) in two-inch increments
  • Dark mode – with a single switch it disconnects the entire lighting system
  • Custom paint scheme
  • 2,000-hour maintenance kit

The Eagle’s aircraft tugs have the industry’s longest and strongest warranty, three years or 3,000 hours, with parts and technical support available globally.

For more information on the Eagle USATS-6 unit and other tow tractor units, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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