Eagle XM-20/30 AWD Tow Tractor

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The Eagle XM-20/30 AWD Tow Tractor is the cost-effective solution for towing aircraft as heavy as 97,500 kg (215,000 lbs), covering 90% of commercial aircraft movement. Using a Tier 4 final diesel engine, this front-operator tow tractor is compliant with all EPA and CARB regulations.

It features an all-wheel drive (AWD) system, ensures even weight distribution between the front and rear wheels for balance, pushback, tow and traction in all weather conditions, resulting in the industry’s smoothest towing tug with least possible push backs. This feature has made the Eagle Tow Tractor the answer to precision handling of aircraft, specifically offering superior functionality for moving the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 family.

To prevent a transmission break-down, this tow tractor is fitted with Eagle’s Hot-shift transmission protection.

With the option to accommodate an operator and up to two passengers, this Eagle XM Series Aircraft Tow Tractor is designed with carefully matched components, resulting in minimal maintenance and downtime. It also has the industry’s longest and strongest warranty, three years or 3,000 hours, with parts and technical support available globally.

The Eagle XM-20/30 AWD Tow Tractor includes the following standard features:

  • 10,400 kg (23,000 lbs) gross vehicle weight (GVW) to handle A320 and 737 family aircraft in all weather conditions.
  • All-wheel drive power train, providing safe, controlled traction on all surface conditions.
  • Front and rear wet disk brakes for capable stopping power.
  • Several safety features designed in to the XM Series to ensure safe operation.
  • Powered by a T4 Final diesel engine to meet all current emissions standards.
  • Ergonomic front-operator compartment that accommodates up to three people.
  • Low-profile design that allows operators to safely and efficiently handle aircraft.
  • Backed by an industry-leading 3 year/3,000-hour warranty.
  • Factory-direct support with the goal of the same-day turnaround of all replacement parts.
  • Eagle Tugs have over 45 years of experience designing, building and supporting reliable tow tractors.

To further equip this unit, it is possible to add the following optional features:

  • Front & Rear Multi-level hitch
  • Custom paint scheme

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