EK-X 10 Vertical Order Picker

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It’s the Prince of Pickers and Nobility in any narrow-aisle warehouse: the EK-X 10 vertical order picker sets the benchmark in terms of performance, picking height, residual load capacity, functionality and ergonomics.

The EK-X 10 forges ahead into new dimensions of efficient goods handling with driving speeds up to 10 km/h and lifting speeds up to 0.4 m/s. Other features include an excellent field of view and a maximum pick height of 6 meters – outstanding in the truest sense of the word – as well as a roomy, shock-absorbing driver’s cabin.

In short: if you want the most efficient, user-friendly picking warehouse management, you can’t do without an EK-X 10. Moreover, the modular system allows the optimum EK-X 10 to be custom-built for every warehouse.

Maintenance-free 3-phase drive unit, 24 V
Effective goods handling due to very high driving and lifting speeds (10 km/h and 0.31 m/s)
Enough energy for multi-shift operations thanks to battery capacities up to 560 Ah (24 V)
Powerful auxiliary lift for efficient order picking
Top availability: The Li-Ion battery bundles a lot of energy and can be quickly and easily opportunity charged

Quick, safe personnel entry and exit thanks to generously sized, lowlevel entry area
High degree of movement freedom due to roomy driver’s cabin
Shock-absorbing floor with integrated drive switch guarantees relaxed working
Effective working with any body size thanks to low cabin wall and small distance to load carrier
Optional tilting side barriers for even easier access to goods
Intuitive and optionally height-adjustable control panel for ergonomic work
Wide variety of equipment options for the driver’s cabin (e. g. attachment system for terminals etc., storage option, leaning support, 12 volt power socket)

Safe handling in a very narrow aisle with mechanical or inductive guidance
Long-life, energy-saving LED headlights for optimum visibility
Safe operation through sensor-controlled two-handed operation
Faster servicing due to easily accessible service points

Sensitive operation and stepless control of lift speed thanks to stateof- the-art proportional valve technology
Power-optimized driving speeds through accurate height sensing

Environmental Responsibility
Longer operating time and optimum use of resources through energy recovery during braking and lowering operations
Blue-Q efficiency mode saves up to 10 percent energy at the push of a button without sacrificing power
90 percent of all the materials used are recyclable

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