FXH 20-25 N Low Lift Pallet Truck

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Quick, compact and powerful – these virtues position the STILL FXH 20/25 N at the top of the low lift pallet trucks. Owing to a lifting capacity of up to 2,500 kg, which is enormous for its class, the compact powerhouse handles heavy duty applications, for example in industry. In combination with a maximum speed of 12 km/h, this results in an outstanding handling rate of up to 162 tonnes per hour. The maximum battery capacity of 500 Ah supplies more than enough energy for an entire shift.

If you opt for the modern STILL Li-Ion technology and use short breaks for interim charging, the efficient low lift pallet truck will be ready for use around the clock. With the cleverly placed colour display, the operator can always keep an eye on important truck information, such as the current battery status and the remaining operating time. It also shows the current driving programme, which can be adjusted comfortably at the touch of a button. After all, comfort is a top priority of the FXH 20/25 N: The cushioned driver’s seat and the height-adjustable foot plate guarantee an ergonomically optimised driving experience regardless of the driver’s stature. This ensures fatigue-free working even on longer distances.

Effective handling of goods: Speed of up to 12 km/h and a lifting capacity of up to 2,500 kg
Enough power for multiple shifts: High battery capacity of up to 625 Ah
Safe transport of goods due to the robust chassis with optional counterbalance
Always available: The powerful Li-Ion battery allows for quick and easy interim charging
The right driving programme for all situations: ECO, BOOST or Blue-Q – from maximum handling rate to highest efficiency

Cushioned foot plate on the SXH reduces impact when driving over uneven surfaces
Maximum operator comfort thanks to height-adjustable foot plate on the seated truck
All functions can be easily operated with the joystick without having to change hands
Ergonomically flexible operating concept for the SXH and FXH: Steering wheel optionally positioned on the left- or right-hand side; steering knob only on the left-hand side
Always in use: Easy access to maintenance points and quick lateral battery change
Spacious driver workstation with extra wide comfort seat on the FXH 20/25

High cornering safety: Curve Speed Control automatically adapts speed to the steering angle when cornering
High stability on uneven surfaces owing to the optional automatic counterbalance
Safe to get into thanks to the large step, handle and low entrance
Versatile, flexible access control with FleetManager 4.x

Precise handling of all functions with the joystick without having to keep changing hands
Fatigue-free operation: Precise and intuitive electrical steering unit
Compact and agile: Works effortlessly in confined spaces and narrow aisles
Sensitive and intuitive operation with the Joystick 4Plus in the rider seated low lift pallet truck
Precision down to the base: Pedals for fast direction changes on the FXH 20/25
Everything in view, all the time: Display shows battery status, date and time

High pallet reloading rate: Flexible application options thanks to the compact dimensions
At home in every aisle: Truck widths of 770 mm, 820 mm or 970 mm to choose from

Environmental Responsibility
Energy savings of up to seven percent at the touch of a button with no loss of performance: Blue-Q efficiency mode
Low operating costs: Low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals
Low noise emissions due to extremely quiet drive and lifting motor
Recyclable: Over 95 percent of all installed materials are recyclable

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