Gran-Sorb Fluid Absorbent Cellulose Granules, 50 lbs. Bag

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Gran-sorb all-purpose loose granular cellulose absorbent is clean, safe, effective, highly absorbent, and environmentally responsible.

Gran-sorb granules absorb oils, solvents, lubricants, coolants, water, and most non-aggressive liquids on contact. Because Gran-sorb is made using waste material from select paper mills, it is safe for the environment and can be used on almost all types of spills and clean ups.

1:1 absorbency ratio (weight-to-weight) = (1) 50 lbs. (22.6 kg.) bag of Gran-sorb absorbent will absorb 50 lbs. (22.6 kg.) of oil (approx. 4 gallons).

NOTE: This product is priced per (1) 50 lbs. bag. This product supersedes AERO Product ID 200

AERO Product ID: 2001654
Legacy AERO Product ID: 002475

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