JetGo 550Mti 28V DC Diesel Hybrid Ground Power Unit

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The operator friendly JetGo 550Mti Ground Power Unit (GPU) provides 2300A peak and 550A continuous 28V DC output.

The units have been designed to meet the demands of busy corporate, FBO and regional operators. The JetGo is built to provide sophisticated aircraft protection. It also offers ease of operation and manoeuvrability. Key attributes include low noise level, minimum fuel consumption, simple maintenance and proven dependability.

The JetGo offers reliability in the hottest, coldest, highest and most demanding environments, including forward military outposts and at some of the world’s busiest FBOs.

  • Industrial grade Kubota diesel engines with worldwide support
  • 1700 CCA batteries combined with 600A alternators to provide clean ‘cool spool’ starts
  • Overvoltage protection with voltage compensation
  • Soft start and on board aircraft protection
  • Rapid recharging of GPU’s hybrid batteries allows multiple engine starts
  • In hangar aircraft system maintenance can be performed using the 24V GPU battery
  • Low profile design protects aircraft from potential incursions
  • Rust and dent proof fibreglass enclosure with marine grade UV resistant gelcoat
  • Towable, yet easy to push by hand into service position
  • Low noise pollution at under 85 dB
  • Offering up to 50% percent less fuel usage compared to the competition

The JetGo 550Mti is a market leading alternative to the following Ground Power Units:

  • Hobart Jet-Ex-6, Jet-Ex-6D & Jet-Ex-6DZ
  • Tronair / Arvico 112820C1T3, 112820CS1T3, 112820CST3, 112820CT3, 282500, 282500C, 112820C, 112820C1, 112820C2 & 112820CS
  • Jetall JTL28D3
  • Tug Technologies / Davco Magnum GP28M
  • Davco 7028 TVC Magnum
  • Batesfield Diesel 2000 / 3000
  • Guinault GC20
  • FCX Systems GPU028-600-C

Please contact Dawnthrive Ltd for more information on the JetGo range of ground power units. We are here to help with all of your GSE needs.


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