LC180-RJ2G Gasoline Lavatory Service Cart (180 gallon/681.4 litres)

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The LC180-RJ2G gasoline lavatory service cart features a Honda GX160 electric start engine coupled to a Teel centrifugal pump with a capacity of pumping 75.7 litres (20 gallons) of fluid per minute at 29 psi maximum.

The Honda GX160 electric start engine has low noise levels, low vibrations and low emissions, whilst still providing a high output performance. In addition, it is compliant with emission regulations, being certified by CARB and EPA.

This lavatory service cart is capable of emptying and removing 416.4 litres (110 gallons) of waste from the aircraft, as well as replenishing 265 litres (70 gallons) of blue or clear lavatory treatment liquid.

With a low-profile inlet height of 71.1 cm (28 inches), this unit is low enough for servicing business and regional jets but provides plenty of height for servicing larger jets.

Equipped with heavy-duty galvanised frame and a heavy-gauge aluminium enclosed cabinet, this lavatory service cart is protected against potential damage, plus moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, it comes complete with rotationally moulded polyethylene tanks and winterisation kit, inclusive of component compartments and on-board heaters in the fluid and storage compartments in order to keep the unit operational in any weather conditions.

Rotomoulded polyethylene tanks offer a long lifespan, impact-resistance, UV-resistance and resistance to environmental stress cracks, which is vital when using the tanks in outdoor and industrial operations.

The waste valve can be configured as a standard outlet with dump hose, a 90-degree downturn waste valve or as a closed waste assembly.

The following optional features can be added to this unit:

  • Back-up hand pump
  • Wye (Y) waste coupler
  • Solar charger panel and kit
  • Blue lavatory treatment fluid
  • Clear lavatory treatment fluid
  • Blue lavatory treatment powder
  • Breakaway coupler
  • Corner bumper kit
  • Personal protective gear kit
  • Alternative waste hose measuring 2.1 metres (7 inches)
  • Alternative waste hose measuring 3.1 metres (10 inches)
  • Alternative waste hose measuring 4.5 metres (15 inches)
  • LearJet and HondaJet lavatory adapters
  • LearJet and HondaJet stow bracket kit
  • Safety disconnect towbar cover
  • Wheel chock holder

This unit includes all required hoses and couplers to service aircraft.

For more information on the LC180E-RJ2G Gasoline Lavatory Cart unit, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.

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