LC270-RJ3G Gasoline Lavatory Service Cart (270 gallon/1,227 litres)

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 The LC270-RJ3G Gasoline Lavatory Service Cart is able to remove both fluid and waste from commercial and regional aircraft. Its low-profile, 116.8cm (46-in) deck height design, allows for servicing all types of aircraft from small jets to large commercial planes.

This versatile cart has an overall capacity of 1,227 litres (270-gallons), this includes a waste tank capable of holding up to 644 litres (170-gallons), providing ease of access with its FDA approved pump gravity drain system and closed waste valve. Alongside the waste tank is a fill-flush tank with a capacity of 378.5 litres (100-gallons), which holds an immersion heater to help protect the blue lavatory fluid from freezing.

The LC270-RJ3G Gasoline Lavatory Service Cart, uniquely features the ability to be towed as a “stand alone” unit on a galvanised steel frame or inserted into the loading area of a 3-4-ton pick-up truck, changing the cart from being towable to driveable.

This lavatory service cart includes an insulated and heated back compartment for the pump, waste valve, flow meter and fill hose, offering protection from UV and harsh environmental conditions. A stow nipple is provided for the waste coupler, which sits in a self-draining drip tray.

The Gasoline LC270-RJ3G Lavatory Service Cart includes the following standard features:

  • Digital flow meter
  • Y-coupler
  • CE-mark – European charger and wiring kit
  • Hatz 1B20X-9901 diesel engine pump system
  • Closed waste valve


AERO Product ID: 2001017

Legacy AERO Product ID: 001652

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