LC60-RJ1-SL “Safe Lav” Electric Lavatory Service Cart

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This “Safe-Lav™” LC60-RJ1-SL Lavatory Service Cart features a 3-gallon batching system to eliminate inadvertent overfilling of aircraft lav systems. Ideally sized for corporate aircraft lavatory systems, this unit eliminates costly operator and meter failures.

The “Safe-Lav” system utilizes a dedicated batching tank to determine and restrict the maximum quantity of fluid that can be delivered to the aircraft lavatory system. Our direct-reading tank & delivery system is unaffected by inaccurate or broken flow meters (which are the leading cause of messy lav system overfills).

A single overfill can cost thousands of dollars in aircraft damage – not to mention aircraft downtime and the loss of a good customer.

The LC60-RJ1 Lavatory Service Cart is built around the LC60 tank system. Features include a heavy-duty galvanized frame that completely wraps the unit, protecting it from potential damage and a heavy-gauge aluminium enclosure that will never require painting and is not affected by moisture or corrosive chemicals. The RJ1 series carts are winterized and include immersion heaters in the fill tank, with all compartments totally enclosed in high-density foam insulation.

The electric pump, Safe-Lav assembly, waste valve, flow meter, and fill hose are stored in the rear compartment, while the 12V battery and charger are isolated in a moisture-free compartment.

NSN: 3920-01-560-8618

Compares to: Tronair 60 and 46 gallon lavatory carts, part numbers 10-6409-0000, 10-4036-0001, 10-4036-0010, 10-6408-0000, 10-8049-0010, 10D4036-0010.

AERO Product ID: 2008409
Legacy AERO Product ID: N/A

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