LNC Boeing 737 Cowl Pylon Ladder, 9 ft. (2.7 m)

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This 9-foot (2.7 m) cowl pylon ladder is used for service on Boeing 737 series aircraft.

In the effort to prevent costly service accidents and injuries and to promote safety and efficiency on the flight line, hangar and engine shop, LNC has developed a full line of ergonomic safety ladders currently being used by most major commercial airlines around the world.

These ladders are sturdy, lightweight and can be easily rolled and set-up by one person. These ladders allow technicians to face their work without twisting or overreaching, while maintaining proper ergonomic position “within the rails.” The ladders come equipped with wide comfort treads which reduce ladder fatigue and help prevent foot thrombosis.

These ladders are made for 6 points of contact and are equipped with rubber padding to prevent damage to sensitive electronics and exterior finishes. And, the durability of our ladders is unmatched in the industry with less than .1% repair rate despite constant use.

AERO Product ID: 2018387
Legacy AERO Product ID: N/A

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