Minerva Headset

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Our untethered communication systems allow complete freedom of movement on the apron. Full wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks can be completed without being restricted by a communications cord.

Minerva Air is our highly versatile wireless push back system, addressing technical challenges on the ground for operations staff. This is a proven solution for many aircraft types including B787 and Airbus A380.

  • Minerva Ajax is an alternate design with a mic shield utilised in high noise environments to reduce the interruption of background noise.
  • Minerva Air allows for single or two-man push back operations. The headset can be worn by the Tug Driver in single-man operations, or the Marshal in two-man operations. In this case normal hand signals continue between Marshal and Driver, while the Pilot is communicated to via PTT (Push to Talk).
  • A splitter cable can be used by both instructor and student so that all conversation can be monitored and instructor break in can occur if necessary. Due to the 150m range the instructor can observe from a distance not intruding in the learner’s space.
  • Our compact solution is compatible with a universal set of attachments (to fit multiple aircraft). Utilising the service jack, communications between the Pilot and Driver/ Marshal can continue with use of Latch or Momentary Mic (PTT) preventing unwanted chatter to Flight Deck

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