Narrow & Wide Body Adjustable Fuelling Stand

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These fueling stands are designed for versatile aircraft refuelling in tight spaces. Our narrow & wide body adjustable fueling stand allows for a wide range of aircraft to be serviced – from the Boeing 737 up to the Airbus A340 and Boeing 747. The stand can be raised and lowered via a hydraulic lift to allow the stand to be easily moved under aircraft wings and fuselage. Safety measures such as a static grounding reel, aircraft protection bumpers, and stabilizer jacks allow for safe and easy aircraft refuelling. Unlike many competitor’s fueling stands, our units meet OSHA health and safety standards.

The base model does not include the fuel lift assemblies. Two fuel lift assemblies are available – a primary assembly and a secondary assembly. Each fuel lift assembly includes a surge suppressor, nozzle, pressure gauge, bottom load fittings & hose. For narrow-body aircraft, the primary lift is typically sufficient. For wide-body aircraft, both the primary and secondary lifts may be required.

Aircraft Serviced

  • Embraer ERJ 190-195
  • ATR (all)
  • BAe 146
  • Airbus A300, A310, A318, A319, A321, A330, A340
  • Boeing/McDonnell Douglas 747, 757, 767, L1011, DC10, MD11


AERO Product ID by assembly:

  • Base Model (AERO Product ID: 2017837)
  • Primary Fuel Lift Assembly (AERO Product ID 2015534)
  • Secondary Fuel Lift Assembly (AERO Product ID 2015535)

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