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Reduce cross-contamination and prevent the transmission of infection to protect your employees and visitors with our range of COVID-19 personal protective equipment. Effective hand hygiene should also be followed alongside the use of PPE to avoid the transmission of germs and prevent infections.

Our range of personal protective equipment is inclusive of chemical resistant gloves, such as Tegera 18601 Latex Free Chemical Resistant Gloves, as well as disposable gloves, such as Tegera 84101 Nitrile Gloves, Tegera 85801 Nitrile Gloves, Beeswift Powder Fee Vinyl Gloves, If you require other work gloves, browse our full selection of hand protection.

Face masks and protective face equipment is also available. This includes Certified BS EN166 Safety Goggles, Certified BS EN166 Face Shield, Disposable 3-Ply Face Mask and 3M 9322+ FFP2 Respirator Mask. Safety goggles and face shields are ideal to protect the wearer’s face from liquid splatter and foreign matter. Some face masks are designed to catch droplets from the wearer’s nose and mouth whilst face masks with a higher filtration level protect the wearer against fine specks of dust or water-based mists.

In addition to this, we also supply body protection equipment and foot protection. To protect the wearer’s clothing and skin from foreign matter, we supply Blue Disposable Plastic Gown With Thumb Loop, Disposable Clear Plastic Apron and Dupont Tychem 6000F Protective Coverall. Our foot protective equipment includes DuPont Tyvek 500 POBO Boot Cover, Blue Polythene Overshoes and protective footwear.

Personal hygiene and workplace hygiene products can also be supplied. Workplace hygiene is essential to ensure a healthy working environment. Some of the products we can provide include VIRAWIPE Surface Sanitiser Wipes Tub of 80, Viraspray Certified Surface Sanitiser, VIRAPOD COVID-19 Cleaning Kit and much more.