Fluid Spill Control 130 products

Fluid spill control kits are designed to clear up a variety of liquid spills and leaks which might pose a sanitary or infectious hazard in the workplace. At Dawnthrive, we supply a wide range of fluid spill control kits that can absorb liquids, such as general-purpose spillages, chemical spills, fuel spills and more.

We have available small fluid spill control kits, such as boat spill kits, body fluid spill kits, motorsport spill kits and PVC shoulder bag spill kits. These portable spill kits can be used on the go when required, or easily stored close by. Large spill control kits are also available. This includes static 240-litre spill kits, 360-litre spill kits, mobile 660-litre spill kits and mobile 1200-litre spill kits.