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Utility vehicles can be used for a variety of applications, including transportation of materials and goods at logistical centres, airports, industrial plants, holiday villages, waste collection and much more. We can supply diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles, including Brutus utility vehicles, GEM utility vehicles, MEGA utility vehicles and Goupil utility vehicles.

Utility vehicles are designed to efficiently perform a variety of tasks. From transporting luggage at the airport to transporting personnel and guests at golf courses. The Brutus vehicles, such as Brutus HD utility vehicle and Brutus HD PTO utility vehicle, are multi-purpose vehicles that can be fitted with a variety of attachments to better suit your requirements.

GEM utility vehicles are fully electric vehicles that offer an innovative and modern design as well as proven technology and cabin space. These zero-emissions vehicles are ideal to transport passengers and goods safely. We can supply GEM eM 1400 utility car, GEM e6 utility vehicle, GEM e2 utility vehicle, and much more.

Goupil utility vehicles are available in various versions. This includes Goupil G1 Closed Site utility vehicle, Goupil G4 box van and Goupil G4 tipper. The G1 offers great manoeuvrability, comfort and a high payload. The G4 box van is designed as a safe urban logistic solution that features easy access and operation. The G4 tipper features an aluminium deck that can easily be lifted by a hydraulic cylinder.

The Mega D-Truck and Mega e-Worker are both great solutions for your commercial needs. These multi-purpose utility vehicles are available in various versions and come complete with various fittings. Contact our team today for more information.