“Safe-Lav” LC180-RJ2E-SL Electric Lavatory Service Cart

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Designed to eliminate unintended overfilling of aircraft lavatory systems, the LC180-RJ2E-SL features a 13.6 litre (3-gallon) batching system. It also includes a stand-alone 265 litre (70-gallon) fill-flush tank system equipped with an immersion heater to prevent the blue lavatory fluid from freezing; and a 416 litre (110-gallon) waste tank providing easy access for flushing with pump-less gravity drain and a closed waste valve.

This unit has a 12V dual electric pump system (2 pumps x 4.5 gpm = 9 gpm/ 34 lpm @ 40 psi maximum) with on-board battery and charging system. When not in use, a stow nipple holds the waste coupler and hose. This low-profile unit also features an insulated and heated back compartment for the pump, waste valve, flow meter and fill hose.

This model has been manufactured with a low-profile design with a 71 cm (28-inch) inlet and 23 cm (9-inch) gravity waste outlet, making it suitable for both corporate and regional aircraft. Its durable structure means the unit can be used for major and regional airlines as well as busy FBO’s. This series of carts have been made to exceed the standard for quality required for in aircraft ground support equipment.

In addition, the following equipment can be purchased for the “Safe Lav” LC180-RJE-SL Electric Lavatory Service Cart:

  • Wheel chock holder
  • Digital flow meter
  • Y-coupler
  • Solar charging kit
  • Hatz 1B20X-9901 diesel engine pump system
  • European charger and wiring kit
  • Stow bracket kit for Lear & HondaJet lavatory adaptor kits

The LC180-RJ2E-SL unit includes all required hoses and couplers to service aircraft.

AERO Product ID: 2003120

Legacy AERO Product ID: 004520

For more information on the LC180-RJ2E-SL unit or any other lavatory service carts, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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