Shields Towable Airfield Magnetic Sweeper, Heavy-Duty (60, 72, 84, 96-Inch Lengths)

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Three sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle for up to 24 feet of magnetic sweeping width.

The ultimate magnetic sweeper for large areas such as airfield runways, municipal parking lots, state and county roads, etc.
Magnet assembly can be trailer-mounted (as shown), bumper mounted, or carried by a forklift.
Super-power magnets enclosed in a heavy gage welded housing are height adjustable to provide sweeping clearance from 2″ to 6″.
A simple pull on the gas spring-assisted release lever will release all attracted material and holds the magnet open while the operator moves the sweeper away from the debris pile!
With optional Extended Width Trailer, three sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle.
Equipped with 4.8 x 8″ pneumatic tires, safety reflectors, safety chain, and your choice of coupling attachments.
Trailer constructed of heavy steel members for long lasting performance and durability.
Standard sweeping widths of 60″ to 96″
Unconditional Product Performance Guarantee
AERO Product ID by magnet length:

2006909 (Legacy AERO Product ID: MKS5000-60): 60″ L (152.4 cm)
MKS5000-72: 72″ L (182.88 cm)
MKS5000-84: 84″ L (213.36 cm)
2006910 (Legacy AERO Product ID: MKS5000-96): 96″ L (243.84 cm)

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