WC100G Gasoline Potable Water Service Cart (100 Gallon)

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The WC100G drinkable water service cart features a Honda GX120 engine affixed to a Teel centrifugal pump that delivers 75.7 litres (20 gallons) of water pressure and flow per minute to the aircraft, at 29 psi maximum. The water is delivered by the spinning impeller using a direct drive mount form the engine.

Its Honda GX120 engine is easy to use and maintain, fuel-efficient, offers a smooth performance and meets the emissions standards. It is equipped with a heavy-duty control box, dual oil drains and fill, large fuel cap, heavy-duty recoil starter and it doesn’t require a catalyst. Additionally, the engine is CARB and EPA certified.

This service cart includes a backup hand pump, all the required hoses, couplers and components to service the aircraft immediately after arrival. The WC100 series come equipped with a fluid level gauge, tank fill kit with check-valve, which allows water to flow through it in one direction only.

The WC100G potable water cart has a 12-gauge stainless steel water tank, which sits on top of a galvanised steel chassis with heavy-duty pneumatic wheels and tyres. Both the stainless-steel tank and the galvanised steel chassis offer durability and resistance to corrosion.

With FDA-approval and CE-certification, this unit complies with the European health, safety and environmental requirements.

Optional extras for the WC100G water service cart include:

  • Breakaway coupler – which reduces the impact and/or spillage due to drive away or pull incidents
  • Solar charging kit
  • Corner bumper kit
  • Long grip coupler
  • Hatz Diesel Engine
  • Safety disconnect towbar cover
  • Wheel chock holder
  • Digital flow meter
  • Wall mount, wall filter kit
  • Coupler drag cushion kit


AERO Product ID: 2002463

Legacy AERO Product ID: 003633

For more information on the WC100G unit and other aircraft potable water systems, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd. We are here to help with all of your GSE requirements.

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