WC180-RJ2G Gasoline Potable Water Service Cart (180 Gallon/681 litres)

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 The WC180-RJG Gasoline Potable Water Service Cart is designed to transport up to 681 litres (180 gallons) of drinkable water for commercial aircraft.

This versatile cart can function as a towable stand-alone unit or fully drivable once inserted into the loading area on a 3-4 ton pick-up truck. Its low-profile deck height means the cart can be used for both private and commercially sized aircraft.

This potable water service cart features an FDA-approved, auto-levelling 12-gauge stainless steel water tank system. The tank includes an immersion heater, primarily used to prevent the drinking water from freezing during harsh wintry conditions.

The WC180-RJ2G includes a Honda GX160 electric start petrol engine attached to a Teel centrifugal water pump, which can pump 117 lpm (31 gpm) at 25 psi.

Standard equipment with the WC180-RJ2G include all required hoses, couplers, fittings and a 4.67m (15”) fill hose stored in an insulated and heated rear compartment to protect it from UV damage and environmental conditions.

To enhance balance and ease of manoeuvrability, the WC180-RJ2G includes a fifth-wheel steering system.

Optional extras for the WC180-RJ2G include:

  • Water filter kit
  • Digital flow meter
  • 230V universal charger
  • Hatz 1B20X-9901 diesel engine pump system


AERO Product ID: 2001030

Legacy AERO Product ID: 001666

For more information on the WC180-RJ2 unit or any other potable water service carts, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd.

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