WC270-RJ3E Electric Potable Water Service Cart (270 gallon/1,023 litres)

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The WC270-RJ3E Electric Potable Water Service Cart can transport up to 1,023 litres (270 gallons) of drinkable water, ideal for use within commercial airlines. This model comes with a 12-gauge stainless steel water tank, which includes an immersion heater to prevent any liquid from freezing.

This water service cart has a low-profile design, which makes the model small enough to service business and regional jets as well as providing the required height for servicing large commercial aircraft. The WC270-RJ3E can be used as a standalone unit or inserted into the loading area of a 3-4 ton pick-up truck.

As standard, this model comes complete with all the required hoses, couplers, fittings, engines, batteries and pumps, all of which are protected by sealed compartments. The WC270-RJ3E is also equipped with heavy-duty running gear, a galvanised steel chassis, a grip-strut galvanised steel working deck and an insulated aluminium case.

This unit operates on a 12V DC electric pump with an on-board battery which can be charged using either the standardised 110 volt charging system or as an optional extra 230 volts system.

The following are optional for this unit:

  • Solar charging kit
  • Water filler kit
  • Digital flow meter
  • Universal charger – 230V (50 Hz)
  • Hatz 1B20X-9901 diesel engine pump system


AERO Product ID: 2001032

Legacy AERO Product ID: 001668

This Potable Water Service Cart also includes the required 4.57 m (15ft) hose and long-grip coupler, as well as a CE-marked European charger and wiring kit.

For more information on the WC270-RJ3E unit and other potable water service carts, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd. We are here to help with all of your GSE requirements.

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