WC270G-Insert 3/4-Ton Truck Gas Potable Water Service Insert

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For customers requiring an economical potable water servicing system, the WC270-Insert is a self-contained unit that bolts into a long-bed 3/4-ton pickup truck. The cabinet is constructed of a heavy-gauge aluminum enclosure with a grip-strut working step, that is not affected by moisture or corrosive chemicals. The potable water tank system is constructed of 12-gauge stainless steel. All tanks and compartments are completely winterized with onboard heaters to keep the unit ramp ready in the most extreme climates.

AERO also provides a turnkey water truck system that includes both truck and installed insert tank. Please contact AERO for details.

Why buy an insert?

While complete lav and water service truck systems are common, AERO Specialties offers customers a much-appreciated alternative: potable water and lavatory service inserts that mount on the customer’s vehicle.

These systems allow for great flexibility; since the insert ships by itself and installs on a customer-supplied truck, freight costs are drastically lower. Additionally, the units can later be separated from the truck and mounted on a cart or other fleet vehicle.
Installation is simple and takes most customers only a few hours; the cart bolts to the truck bed and wires to the truck battery with the included wiring harness. Inserts are also available as stand-alone units with a dedicated battery. If needed, AERO can provide the truck or install the insert on a customer-supplied vehicle (with nominal installation charge).

Aircraft handlers worldwide appreciate the adaptability of AERO’s insert system and have many of these units in operation globally.

Note: photos show the WC270E-Insert (the WC270G-Insert features a pump powered by a gasoline motor)

AERO Product ID: 2001035
Legacy AERO Product ID: 001671

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