WC80-RJ1 Potable Water Service Cart (80 Gallon)

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The WC80-RJ1 features a 12-gauge stainless steel tank with a capacity of 302.8 litres (80 gallons). The RJ1 series service carts are winterised, being inclusive of immersion heaters to prevent any liquid from freezing and with all enclosures fitted with high-density foam insulation.

Additionally, it features a heavy-gauge aluminium enclosure that is moisture resistant, corrosion resistant and a heavy-duty galvanised frame, which protects the cart from potential damage.

With a 12V DC electric pump system, this portable water cart is able to pump 17 litres (4.5 gallons) of water per minute at 40 psi maximum. The unit has a rear compartment in which the electric pimp, flow meter, fill hose and waste valve are stored, and a moisture-free enclosure, where the 12-voltage battery and charger are kept.

This unit comes complete with a 4.9 metre-long (16 inch) clear hose with coupler and plug, as well as a fluid level gauge and a tank fill kit with a one-way valve, which solely allows the fluid to pass through it in one direction.

In addition to this, it comes with a charger and maintenance-free battery. This unit is FDA approved, as well as CE certified and marked, which means that it complies with the European safety standards.

The following products are optional products for this unit:

  • Breakaway coupler
  • Drag cushion kit for coupler
  • Solar charger kit and panel
  • Wheel chock holder
  • Safety disconnect towbar cover
  • Corner bumper kit
  • Wall mount water filter kit
  • Digital flow meter in litres
  • Digital flow meter in gallons


AERO Product ID: 2001028

Legacy AERO Product ID: 001663

For more information on the WC80-RJ1 potable water cart or to demo unit, please contact Dawnthrive Ltd. We are here to help with all your GSE requirements.

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