Best gloves for painting

Painters and decorators are exposed to multiple hazards when painting. Even though most modern paints do not contain highly dangerous and poisonous pigments, such as arsenic and lead, some chemicals and pigments used in paints can still pose short-term and long-term risks to the health of painters and decorators. This includes:

– Skin irritation
– Eyes irritation
– Throat irritation
– Lung problems
– Effects on the nervous systems, liver and kidneys
– Cancer

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), “If not properly controlled, solvents within coatings can also create a serious immediate risk to you because they give off vapours. At high amounts, these vapours can cause headaches, drowsiness and even unconsciousness.”

These health risks highlight the importance of using personal protective equipment when painting and decorating interior and exterior spaces. Essential PPE when painting includes safety gloves, face masks and work coveralls.

Painting surface

Skin risks, such as the development of contact dermatitis and allergies, can be minimised and/or avoided by using safety gloves, also known as work gloves. As the only Superior Glove distributor in the UK and Ireland, we supply a wide range of high-quality safety gloves suitable for various applications, including painting and decorating.

Best painting gloves by Superior Glove

Superior Glove MLNF Painters Gloves

Painting gloves

These painter’s gloves are lightweight, fully washable and made from lint-free nylon. These features make the MLNF painter’s gloves ideal for applications where dust or particles may pose a concern or when surfaces need to be protected from fingerprints, scratches and oils.

Superior Glove 14012GH Spray Painting Gloves

Spray painting gloves

These spray painting gloves feature a continuous, conductive silver strip from the palm of the gloves to the edge of the gloves to keep the user grounded when holding a spray paint gun. This eliminates paint spray-back. These gloves are solvent-resistant, cleanroom-compatible and comfortable.

In addition to our safety gloves by Superior Glove, we also supply a variety of other hand protection equipment made by other high-quality brands, from Ejendals gloves to Ironclad gloves and more. If you require any assistance choosing the right safety gloves, feel free to contact our team today. Give us a call on 01794 830352 or email us at

Fluid spill products to protect the environment

Spillages in the workplace can pose a threat to the health and safety of workers as well as potential harm to the environment. In a time where it is more important than ever to consider the impact of our actions on the environment, it is essential to understand the environmental effects that spillages pose.

Environmental impact of spillages.

Chemical spills and other fluid spills that runoff into waters can damage marine life as well as pollute the habitat and food sources of these animals and other living organisms. In addition to contaminating water, spilt fluids can also sink into the soil, causing ecological damage to flora and fauna. This damage caused by spillages can have long-term environmental effects, including making certain areas inhabitable.

Chemical spill

How to minimise the impact of fluid spills.

Having a quick and safe spillage response plan will help minimise the impact of fluid spills. In Emergency Response/Spill Control, the Health and Safety Executive states the fundamental procedures for effective emergency response and spill control. This includes:

  • Containing and controlling spillages to minimise the effects and limit the risks to people, the environment and property.
  • Implementing measures to protect people and the environment.
  • Creating a plan of action in the event of an emergency spill, describing the actions that should be taken.
  • Staff training and more.

An important part of minimising the effects of spillages is to use the necessary spill control kits, personal protective equipment and personal decontamination equipment.

Container drums

Are spill kits a legal requirement?

Spill control and containment equipment is a legal requirement for businesses that deal with potentially hazardous substances. General guidelines and regulations for businesses storing, transporting and using chemicals and other fluids can be found under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) 2002 and Control Of Major Accident Hazards Regulations (COMAH) 2015.

What do spill kits contain?

Spills kits are designed to quickly and effectively clean spilt liquids. At Dawnthrive, we supply a variety of spill kits, from oil spill kits to chemical spill kits and water spill kits. Different spill kits will include specific equipment to suit the type of spill.

Spilkleen 24-litre battery acid spill kit

Battery acid spill kit

This spill kit is designed to clean, contain and neutralise battery acid spills. It features a colour change on application that indicates when neutralisation is complete. This spill kit includes:

  • Acid neutraliser
  • 8 x chemical absorbent socks
  • 16 x chemical absorbent pads
  • Dustpan and brush
  • Waste disposal bags with ties

Spilkleen boat oil and fuel spill kit

Boat oil and fuel spill kit

This emergency spill kit is designed to absorb oil-based liquids, fuels and lubricants as well as hydrocarbon products spilt on board small boats. This spill kit includes:

  • 10 x absorbent pads
  • 2 x absorbent cushions
  • Waste disposal bag with tie

Spilchoice Formaldehyde and Ammonia spill kit

Formaldehyde and Ammonia spill kit

This spill kit is suitable for Ammonia 28% concentration and Formaldehyde 37% concentration spills. This kit minimises the toxic effects of the spill. It includes:

  • Alkali neutraliser
  • 2 x FNC activator
  • Formaldehyde FAS neutraliser
  • 5 x chemical pads
  • 2 x chemical long socks
  • 6 x waste disposal bags with ties
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Dustpan and brush

Spilkleen maintenance static locker 1200 litre spill kit

1200 litre spill kit

This large spill kit is suitable for absorbing water-based liquids and oil-based liquids, including coolants, mild chemicals and solvents. This maintenance spill emergency spill kit includes:

  • 200 x absorbent pads
  • 2 x absorbent rolls
  • 50 x absorbent cushions
  • 50 x absorbent socks
  • 8 x disposal bags with ties
  • Barrier tape

This is a small selection of our range of spill kits. If you have any queries regarding our spill control equipment or require assistance choosing the right spill kits for your workplace, feel free to contact us today. We can be reached on mobile at 01794 830352 or by email at

World’s first 21-gauge ANSI cut level 9 glove

Dexterity meets cut protection with Superior Glove’s new cut resistant gloves – TenActiv™ S21TXUFN. These are the world’s first 21-gauge gloves that can achieve ANSI Level A9 Cut Resistance with just 3.65mm thickness. These gloves have been knit with high-tenacity composite yarns featuring high-strength composite filament fibre for unbeatable cut resistance and dexterity.

What does glove gauge mean?

String knitted gloves are classified by gauge. The gauge of a glove indicates the number of knitting stitches or needles per square inch. The higher the number, the higher the number of stitches knitted per inch of glove. For instance, a 21-gauge glove has 21 stitches knitted per inch of glove whilst a 10-gauge glove has 10 stitches knitted per inch of glove.

Lower gauge gloves are heavier and offer less dexterity than higher gauge gloves. As high gauge gloves, the TenActiv™ 21-gauge ANSI 9 resistant gloves feature high dexterity and reduced hand fatigue.

21-gauge ANSI 9 cut resistant gloves by Superior Glove

What is the highest level of cut protection?

The highest level of cut protection is the ANSI A9 level. ANSI A9 gloves withstand 6,000g or more of cutting load. That is the weight (or more) required to cut through the material being tested. High levels of cut resistance are recommended for environments that are susceptible to extreme cut hazards, such as glass handling, metal stamping, sharp materials handling and sheet metal handling.

How is glove cut protection classified?

The level of glove cut protection is classified by the ANSI system. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) identifies and develops standards, including the ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 standard which addresses the classification and testing of the performance of hand protection equipment, such as cut-resistance, puncture resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical protection.

ANSI LevelA1A2A3A4A5A6A7A8A9
Weight (in grams) needed to cut through material2005001000150022003000400050006000

The ANSI system has 9 levels of cut protection. These indicate how many grams of cutting load gloves can withstand a sharp blade before being pierced. The level of cut resistance ranges from 0 grams to 6,000 grams, based on tests by a Tomodynamometer (TDM Method) that moves a blade across the material.

Benefits of TenActiv™ S21TXUFN cut resistant gloves.

Puncture protection.

These gloves feature an ANSI level 3 puncture protection, meaning it withstands 60-99 newtons of penetrating force. This standard measures the resistance of hand protection to puncture by a pointed object.

Strong, steady grip.

With a nitrile palm coating, these gloves offer a strong and steady grip when handling lightly oiled parts. This strong grip will not slip when oil has been displaced on work surfaces.

21-gauge ANSI 9 cut resistant gloves by Superior Glove

High dexterity.

As ultra-thin and lightweight gloves, these offer a barehand feel and, in turn, high dexterity. These work gloves are suitable for a variety of applications, including

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication
  • Pulp and paper

Touchscreen compatible.

Use a work phone, tablet and other screens seamlessly as the nitrile-coated palms and fingers of these gloves are touchscreen compatible. No need to remove gloves. Effortlessly move between tasks with these touchscreen-compatible gloves.

21-gauge ANSI 9 cut resistant gloves by Superior Glove

Stronger than steel.

TenActiv™ gloves feature lint-free, high-tenacity continuous filament yarn that is stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis.

At Dawnthrive Ltd, we supply a wide range of work gloves by Superior Glove, from Superior Glove Endura to Superior Glove Oilbloc, as well as other safety gloves, such as cut resistant gloves and heat resistant gloves. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact our team today. Give us a call on 01794 830352 or email us at

Honeywell – Market leading gas detection equipment

Accidental gas leaks pose a substantial threat to human health, infrastructures and the environment. Even though natural gas has become a widespread energy source, it is highly combustible. A gas leak can increase the risk of fire and explosion plus, inhaling natural gas can cause gas poisoning.

Oil rig

Gas detectors are, therefore, vital for safety. Gas detectors offer real-time visibility into the status and safety of hazardous areas, such as oil rigs and industrial plants, helping companies respond faster to safety incidents.

Industrial plant

Honeywell is the market leader in gas detection, making and supplying a wide range of portable and fixed gas detection solutions. Their devices, including gas detectors, flame detectors and natural gas alarms, provide excellent protection.

At Dawnthrive Ltd, we supply a variety of Honeywell gas detection equipment, including their portable gas detectors. These are ideal for confined spaces, spot leak testing and mobile use. Some suitable applications include boiler rooms, first responder crews, utility vaults and remote fleets.

Honeywell BW™ Clip4

Honeywell Clip4 gas detector

The Honeywell BW™ Clip4 gas detector is a wearable four-gas detection device. This easy-to-use wearable gas detector is always on – it does not require charging or battery replacement. It features a 2-year continuous runtime and a simple one-button operation.

Honeywell BW™ RigRat

Honeywell RigRat gas detector

The Honeywell BW™ RigRat multi-gas detector is designed for multi-gas area monitoring. Place this device nearby and it will alert workers to gas-threat areas to quickly take action. The RigRat provides remote monitoring and features a rugged, weatherproof design.

Honeywell BW™ Solo

Honeywell Solo gas detector

This easy, single-gas detector with BLE connectivity provides real-time visibility into the status and safety spaces. Data from the Honeywell BW™ Solo single-gas detector can be downloadable to a PC, where it can be managed using Honeywell GDVS Gas Detection Visualisation Solutions. This gas detector can detect up to 15 user-selected gases.

Honeywell BW™ Ultra

Honeywell Ultra gas detector

The Honeywell BW™ Ultra five gas detector is designed for sampling and monitoring confined spaces, before and after entry. This gas detector simultaneously detects the four gases required to monitor in confined spaces as well as one user-selected gas.

Honeywell MeshGuard CO2 IR

Honeywell CO2 detector

The Honeywell MeshGuard CO2 IR is a rapidly deployable wireless carbon monoxide detector designed to be used in critical environments. It offers real-time readings which are transmitted wirelessly to a RAW Systems controller to display gas levels and more.

We can supply these gas detection equipment as well as many other Honeywell gas detectors. Contact Dawnthrive Ltd today to find out more about our gas detection equipment. We can be easily reached on mobile at 01794 830352 or by email at

Reasons why Oilbloc™ gloves are superior

When working with lubricants, such as oils and greases, it is important to wear safety gloves that not only protect against oil spilling but also allow you to maintain a good grip. Oil and grease are present in a variety of industries, so oil-resistant gloves might be essential for your workplace.

Lubricants can pose various hazards. Prolonged exposure to certain lubricants might result in a variety of skin issues. Contact with hot oils may lead to burns. Plus, when spilt on floors, materials or any other surfaces, oil and grease spills might lead to fire, fall and slippage hazards.

Superior Glove safety gloves
Image by Superior Glove

As a distributor for Superior Glove in the UK and Ireland, Dawnthrive Ltd supplies a variety of safety gloves by Superior Glove, including Oilbloc™ gloves, top-performing safety work gloves that provide high oil resistance. However, what makes Oilbloc™ gloves top-performing gloves and different from the competition?

What is Oilbloc™?

Oilbloc™ is a treatment applied to gloves during the tanning process. This makes the oil-resistant treatment part of the glove itself as opposed to other oil-resistant treatments, usually in spray form, that are applied to gloves at the end of the manufacturing process.

What are the benefits of Oilbloc™ gloves?

Oilbloc™ gloves offer better protection against oil and increased grip in oily environments. According to Superior Glove’s internal grip tests, gloves treated with Oilbloc™ deliver 34% more grip force in oily conditions than competitive gloves. Plus, Oilbloc™ gloves are also resistant to water penetration.

Oilbloc™ gloves for sale at Dawnthrive Ltd.

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBKL

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBKL

The Endura® 378GOBKL gloves are cut resistant, puncture resistant and offer flame protection whilst providing comfort and dexterity. These safety gloves offer 360° ANSI Level A4 cut protection, ANSI Level 4 puncture resistance, level 3 rating for Arc Flash and have been treated with Oilbloc™.

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBDTK

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBDTK

For extremely cold working conditions, the Endura® 378GOBDTK are a great choice. These puncture resistant gloves are made from tough goat-grain leather and feature a Thinsulate™ lining that ensures hands stay warm in temperatures down to -30°C / -22°F. With both Oilbloc™ and Waterstop™ treatments, these cold weather work gloves easily repel oil, water and stains.

Superior Glove Endura® 378GCXVB

Superior Glove Endura® 378GCXVB

The Endura® 378GCXVB gloves not only feature 360° ANSI Level A9 cut protection but also ANSI Level 5 puncture protection and ANSI Level 2 impact protection. These highly cut-resistant gloves were originally designed to be used in the oil and gas industries, however, their versatility proved to be useful in other industries, such as forestry, construction and more.

Superior Glove Endura® 378CKGVB

Superior Glove Endura® 378CKGVB

Suitable for the construction, metal handling and oil and gas industries, the Endura®  378CKGVB gloves feature Hi-viz TPR impact protection backing, padded palms for vibration dampening and outstanding wear resistance. These impact protection gloves have been treated with Oilbloc™ for oil and water repellency.

If you require further information about Endura gloves or any other gloves by Superior Glove, contact our team today. We also stock a large collection of other safety work gloves. Discover other cut resistant gloves, abrasion resistant gloves, Kevlar gloves and more at Dawnthrive Ltd.

Superior glove guide: how to choose the right work glove

Hands are used every day to perform all kinds of tasks in the workplace. We could go as far as saying that hands are the most used tools in the workplace. No matter the industry, environment or workplace, hands are essential. So, protecting employees’ hands is of the utmost importance.

According to Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) data, during 2020/21, an estimated 441,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries according to self-reports. Of these workplace injuries, the most commonly injured part of the body is the upper limb area, including fingers, thumbs, wrists and rest of the arm. RIDDOR reports 26,139 injuries, 23% of workplace injuries, affecting these areas. These injuries include 7,579 injuries to one or more fingers, 4,677 injuries to hands and 4,814 injuries to wrists.

safety work gloves

Bare hands are at risk of cuts, burns, splinters, chemicals, scrapes, skin diseases and various other hazards. However, hand injuries are preventable. Selecting the right glove based on the environment and the hazards at hand is a step forward in preventing hand injuries. At Dawnthrive Ltd, we supply a variety of protective work gloves, including a vast range of Superior Glove safety gloves.

Who is Superior Glove?

Superior Glove is one of the many leading personal protection equipment brands we supply at Dawnthrive Ltd. Superior Glove has been manufacturing safety gloves since 1910 at their headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Their gloves are made with safety, efficiency and quality in mind.

work gloves by Superior Glove
Image by Superior Glove

How to choose the right glove

Gloves should comfortably fit the employee and suit the type of job they are performing whilst keeping them safe from any injuries that might happen. When selecting safety gloves, it is important to consider the person wearing them and the environment they work in. For instance, the Health and Safety Executive mentions that when working with harmful substances, you should consider the following factors:

  • Identify the substances handled.
  • Identify all other hazards.
  • Consider the type and duration of contact.
  • Consider the user (size and comfort).
  • Consider the task.

Consider workplace hazards

Work gloves should be chosen in line with the hazards present at the workplace. Is the wearer working in cold temperatures? Is the wearer dealing with chemicals? Is the wearer working with sharp objects? Is the wearer working closely with electrical circuits? Determine all the hazards in the workplace to narrow down the options for the right glove for the job.

Consider workplace efficiency

Besides offering protection, some work gloves can also improve performance by improving grip and more. Dexterity, glove thickness and size are all important factors to consider when selecting the right glove. Once all of these factors have been considered, you will be able to pick the appropriate glove for the task.

safety gloves by Superior Glove
Image by Superior Glove

Where to buy Superior Gloves?

At Dawnthrive Ltd, as distributors for Superior Glove in the UK and Ireland, we supply a selection of the core CE certified gloves by Superior Glove. This includes heat resistant gloves, cut resistant gloves, thermal work gloves and more.

Impact protection gloves

Superior Glove Endura® 378KGTVB Gloves feature impact protection back-of-hand protection safeguards, 360° ANSI Level A5 cut protection and thermal protection down to -20°C / -4°F. These gloves also provide abrasion resistance and do not impede dexterity.

Superior Glove Endura® 378KGTVB Gloves

Heat resistant gloves

Superior Glove Cool Crip SKPX/PSS Gloves feature 360° ANSI Level A4 cut protection and ANSI Level 5 heat resistance. These latex-free gloves also feature silicone strips along the palm for heat resistance and increased grip. Comfortable, resistant and efficient. The Cool Grip Gloves are ideal for handling hot materials, metal stamping or metal foundry.

Superior Glove Cool Crip SKPX/PSS Gloves

Cut resistant gloves

Superior Glove Dexterity S10LXPB Gloves provide cut and puncture resistance whilst offering a strong and steady grip. These puncture resistant gloves feature ANSI Level 5 puncture resistance and ANSI Level 5 cut resistant. These safety gloves are suitable for material handling, site clean-up, waste handling and recycling sorting.

Superior Glove Dexterity S10LXPB Gloves

Oil resistant gloves

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBDTK Gloves feature a high level of oil resistance due to the Oilbloc™ treatment, which repels water, stains and oil. These work gloves are recommended for extremely cold environments as these feature a Thinsulate™ lining that can keep hands warm in temperatures down to -30°C / -22°F. In addition to this, these gloves also provide  ANSI Level 4 puncture resistance.

Superior Glove Endura® 378GOBDTK Gloves

Contact our team today for more information about this range of gloves or to enquire about other gloves not present on the website. Feel free to get in touch by calling 01794 830352 or emailing

Dawnthrive is a Superior Glove distributor in the UK and Ireland

Dawnthrive is proud to announce that we are now a distributor for Superior Glove in the UK and Ireland. Superior Glove is the leading Canadian manufacturer of safety gloves and other safety equipment. The company has been engineering hand and arm protection to keep workers safe since 1910, and today, Superior Glove has expanded to other countries. Now, Superior Glove products can be purchased in the UK and Ireland at Dawnthrive Ltd.

Dawnthrive partners with Offspring International

Dawnthrive partners with Offspring International to expand opportunities in Libya, offering solutions for mooring, offloading and control systems to optimise offshore and quayside terminal operations. Offspring are exclusive worldwide distributors for Lankhorst Offshore.

Communicate with crew whilst protect your ears with Bluetooth headsets

When working at an airport, you will be exposed to many hazards, especially when working as ground crew.  One of the more significant hazards is the noise levels. Aircraft can reach around 120dB during take-off, which is around double the noise level of a busy motorway. Heavy grounds operation equipment and vehicles also contribute to the noise levels. 

According to the Health and Safety Executive, exposure to too much loud noise can cause permanent damage and potentially lead to severe hearing impairment. The damage can be sudden, gradually build over time or come in the form of a continual ringing sound, known as tinnitus. 

As well as endangering hearing, the loud noises from the aircraft can interfere with communications, making it harder to understand important commands. It can also reduce productivity and cause physical pain, such as headaches. 

In order to protect your ears from the inevitable loud noises, it is important to wear good quality, effective ear protection. While earplugs and earmuffs may offer relief from the excruciating sounds, they still do not solve the issue of reduced communications, which is essential to keeping the airport running smoothly. Without access to constant updates, ground workers may find themselves in disastrous conditions. 

In recent years, the aviation industry has been inventing and refining headset technology, designed not only to protect the workers’ ears from loud noises, but to also allow for effective communication with each other. The headsets often contain wireless Bluetooth transmitters, allowing for instant contact with fellow crew members. 

At Dawnthrive, we supply a range of airport headsets, including the Minerva headset. This comfortable, yet robust, wireless headset gives the wearer complete freedom of movement, meaning that full wing walks, inspections and engineering tasks can be completed without being restricted by a communications cord. It is compatible with a universal set of attachments to fit multiple aircraft, and can be used with Latch or Momentary Mic (PTT) preventing unwanted chatter to the flight deck. 

If you’re looking to protect your feet, as well as your ears, browse our protective footwear range. We have leather work shoesshock-absorbent shoessafety shoesfoot protection, including Polythene Overshoes – Pack of 100 Medium Covers and  DuPont Tyvek 500 POBO Boot Cover – Pair of Covers and more. For more information about our range of products, feel free to contact our team at 01794 830352 or