About Us

Dawnthrive Ltd was founded in 1986 as a supply chain management specialist providing cost-effective supply of high-quality products to sectors, such as oil and gas, medical, petrochemical, construction and retail.

Since the formation of the company, we have established an envious reputation through a diversified and global client base. We supply solutions to governments, commercial and military customers in more than 70 countries.

With a network of market-leading supply partners, extensive product capabilities, meticulous safety programs, strict quality control and a mature anti-counterfeit programme to ensure only genuine products are supplied, we can effectively source and supply almost any product or service you require.

Our dedicated and experienced team of subject matter experts understand and strive to meet both simple and complex customer demands. We operate from dedicated offices in Hampshire which incorporate warehouse and production facilities where our team has the expertise to pack and ship all manner of products including those that require licensing.

As an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, we have demonstrated an unerring ability to consistently supply products that meet our customer’s expectations. One of our overarching objectives and a cornerstone of our business is to provide the best possible service to both potential and existing customers, with a focus on delivering the best possible value with an aspiration to become the supplier of choice for all of our customers.