Environment Policy

About Dawnthrive

Throughout its activities, Dawnthrive Limited will endeavour to minimise any adverse impact on the air, water and land by means of pollution prevention and energy and water conservation.

In pursuit of this policy, the Company shall:

  1. Make every effort to meets its responsibilities by conforming to all applicable environmental legislation set down by Government
  2. Identify and manage environmental risks and hazards
  3. Give prime consideration to the prevention of pollution and the elimination of waste and emissions at the source
  4. Constantly seek to improve the Company’s environmental performance through monitoring systems, target setting, annual reports and policy reviews
  5. Encourage customers and suppliers to support the same objectives by minimising environmental impact and waste and reducing energy consumption whenever possible
  6. Ensure that environmental protection, energy conservation and waste minimisation is the responsibility of every employee and should be an integral part of his or her working life supported by training when appropriate. Specifically the Company promotes the following general activities (where possible):
    • Conserving energy by turning off electrical appliances when not in use
    • Using rechargeable batteries in mobile appliances
    • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible
    • Recycling waste paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metal
    • Returning toner cartridges to suppliers for re-use and support charity toner appeals
    • Re-using printed-paper internally where appropriate
    • Minimising paper through the reduction of paper files and digital storing
    • Purchasing recycled paper for printing and stationary products
    • Utilising public transport to attend meetings, conferences, seminars and other business functions

Environment Policy Statement (DL.BOM.EPS.2)