Health & Safety Statement

About Dawnthrive

The Directors of Dawnthrive Limited state that it is the policy of the company to do all that is reasonably practical to maintain the health, safety and welfare of all employees, customers and guests on the premises of Dawnthrive Limited.

The company recognises its responsibility to:

  1. Ensure that the working conditions of the employees are safe and healthy
  2. Comply with legislation, and uphold statutory requirements
  3. Ensure that employees are suitably trained to complete their work safely and efficiently
  4. Ensure that employees are adequately supervised
  5. Provide necessary protective equipment required by an employee to carry out their work in a safe manner
  6. Ensure that a high standard of health and safety is maintained
  7. Ensure that the safety within the premises is continually assessed

It is expected that employees and management, at all levels, co-operate to uphold high levels of health and safety.

In achieving this, the employees have a duty to:

  1. Use any necessary protective equipment provided
  2. Uphold their statutory obligations to work safely
  3. Report any accident, through the correct channels
  4. Report any incident that may lead to injury
  5. Assist with any investigation of any accident on the premises
  6. Suggest ways in which health and safety can be improved
  7. Use hazardous machinery and chemicals (with due care and attention), only if they are suitably trained and have been instructed to do so

Dawnthrive Limited recognises its obligations to provide these measures in accordance with the HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974.

Health & Safety Statement (HSS090699-4)