Mission Statement

About Dawnthrive

Our main objective is to develop and maintain Dawnthrive Limited as a profit making company, at the same time offering all our customers a high level of service. Also, it is the intention of this establishment to promote an atmosphere in which the staff can function as a successful team.

To fulfil this, we aim to:

  1. Identify potential customers and promote new business opportunities
  2. Liaise with customers to cultivate a positive and productive relationship
  3. Ensure that the needs of the customer are identified and that all tasks are conducted with these requirements in mind
  4. Recognise and develop the market potential of new products and services
  5. Provide customers with competitive prices, delivery and terms on required materials and services
  6. Create a well-structured and professional business environment
  7. Evaluate and update management and working systems to provide the most effective and efficient operation
  8. Set achievable goals, with corresponding deadlines designed to guarantee that employees are able to add to the productivity of the organisation
  9. Regularly assess and review employees’ performance, ensuring that it meets required standards

Mission Statement (MS090699-4)