Quality Assurance Policy

About Dawnthrive

It is the policy of Dawnthrive Limited to establish and maintain an efficient and effective quality assurance programme, planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions, outlined in a series of manuals, which are designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies and inaccuracies.

The assurance of quality is fundamental for all work under-taken by the Company, and is practiced by all personnel in their daily activities.

To promote a uniformity of work method throughout, irrespective of customer requirements, certain procedures essential to Dawnthrive Limited shall be implemented at all times, without significant deviation.

It shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director and department managers to compile, implement and integrate the requirements of these procedures into their regular working methods, and to ensure that all such methods are clearly defined and documented.

Dawnthrive’s management team shall ensure that these procedures are installed and systematically reviewed to reflect current customer and company philosophies.

It shall be the duty of the Quality Assurance Department to monitor constantly the implementation of the current quality assurance programme in order to verify that the necessary systems, procedures etc., exist or, in the absence of such, to determine that they are raised and to verify their introduction and adherence by regular auditing.

The Quality Assurance department shall be so organised as to be free from commercial/contractual restraints and to represent Dawnthrive Limited on all matters relating to quality assurance.

Quality Assurance Policy (QAP090699-4)

Quality Policy