G3-2 Road Approved Electric Vehicle

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Road Approved Version

  • Cabin with windscreen wipers, windscreen washer and 2 rear-view mirrors
  • Digital display screen incorporating hour meter and clock, speedometer and battery charge level
  • Mileage and status display (battery water level)
  • Fast or slow speed selector
  • Comfortable seats on runners
  • Doors with sliding windows
  • Centralised battery water filling facility
  • Control selector: front / reverse, lights, flashing lights, horn and windscreens
  • 2 storage compartments

Equipment Configuration

Available with a wide selection of equipment to suite your operational requirements, including:

  • Drop-side pick up
  • Tipper
  • Box van
  • Canvas van
  • Reefer van
  • Leaf collector
  • Waste tipping collector
  • Waste collector with lambo doors
  • Combined
  • Watering / spraying
  • High pressure cleaner

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