Hand Protection 217 products

Hand protection is essential in any workplace. Work gloves must be used to prevent major injuries and to avoid being exposed to hazardous conditions, such as sharp edges, electricity, splinters, pinch points, hot objects and more. At Dawnthrive, we can supply a variety of protective work gloves, including chemical resistant gloves, heat resistant gloves and winter work gloves.

Chemical protection gloves offer dexterity while protecting the wearer against hazardous chemicals. Some of the chemical protection gloves we can supply include Tegera 16 Chemical Protection Gloves, Tegera 18602 Nitrile Chemical Protection Work Gloves and Tegera 7350 Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves.

In order to withstand high temperatures and protect the wearer against injuries when dealing with hot objects, heat resistant gloves are recommended. Some of the gloves we supply can be used at working temperatures of up to 250°C. We can supply Tegera 17 Heat Resistant Welding Heavy Work Gloves, Tegera 507-822 Heat Protection Work Mittens, Tegera 484 Heat Resistant Extra Long Protective Work Gloves, and much more.

Winter work gloves offer dexterity and keep wearers protected in cold weather conditions. Amongst this range, we can supply a variety of work gloves, including Tegera 203 Leather Winter Insulated Heavy Work Gloves, Tegera 595 Winter Lined Waterproof Safety Work Gloves and Tegera 299 Green High Visibility Leather Work Gloves.

In addition to these specific application work gloves, we can also supply a comprehensive selection of other work gloves. This includes fine assembly work gloves, dotted grip gloves, high vis gloves, anti-static gloves and much more.