R-08 Electric Baggage Tractor

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Our four-wheel R-07 and R-08 electric baggage tractor and platform trucks are versatile, economical transport aids for tow trailers up to a total weight of 25 tonnes (R-07) and for transporting loads of up to two tonnes (R-08). The robust tractors are particularly impressive when at use in production supply in the steel and automotive industry, luggage transit at airports and train stations, and indoor and outdoor material handling as a tugger train. Due to their great adaptability the trucks can also be used in many other industries.

By coupling several trailers the transport volume can be adjusted to suit any application, while the maintenance free 80-volt three-phase motor ensures powerful acceleration and excellent gradeability at a top speed of up to 25 km/h. The compact tractor quickly, safely and efficiently covers medium and long distances, with its spacious, car-like all-weather cab offering the driver the ultimate in comfort. The ergonomically arranged control elements guarantee comfortable, back-friendly driving, while large windows offer excellent all-round visibility, all of which comes together to allow for safe, precise operation with high productivity. Three independent braking systems including an electric parking brake ensure that the trucks can transport even the heaviest loads easily and safely.


  • High reloading performance: the R-08 pulls and transports loads of up to 25 tonnes, while the R 08 transports up to 2 tonnes on its truck bed
  • Fast transport of goods thanks to a top speed of up to 25 km/h and high gradeability


  • Couple trailer quickly and safely with clear view of the trailer coupling
  • Precision at the touch of a button: reversing device enables you to drive the tractor safely and precisely up to the trailer
  • Sensitive acceleration and steering guarantee that goods are transported safely and smoothly


  • Comfortable seats: high level of comfort due to modern cushioned driver’s seat with suspension designed by STILL
  • Easy access thanks to low step
  • Simple, swift and stress-free: lateral battery change provides renewed energy in just a few moments
  • Always hands free: ample storage space within the truck for equipment such as documents, water bottles and mobile devices


  • Slimline design: extremely compact and manoeuvrable
  • Optimal space utilisation thanks to maximum manoeuvrability


  • High levels of safety: electrically operated parking brake
  • Be seen: optional daytime driving lights and indicators make the truck clearly visible to other drivers
  • Safe on bends: good lateral stability when turning
  • All-round perfect vision: large windows in the overhead guard

Environmental Responsibility

  • Reduced wear and long servicing intervals (1000 operating hours)
  • Over 95 per cent of all materials used are recyclable

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