X-Mist Atmospheric Sanitiser and Deodoriser – 250ml Can

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X-Mist Atmospheric Sanitiser and Deodoriser – 250ml Can

Part Number: X-Mist-250

Sold in 250ml cans

  • Tea tree fragrance
  • Eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria including E- coli, Salmonella and Legionella
  • Removes stubborn odours from food, pets, smoke and mould, leaving a clean fresh smell
  • Sanitises places that might otherwise be missed, overlooked, or out of reach
  • Kills germs responsible for colds, flu, staph infections, and MRSA for a healthier environment
  • Destroys persistent smells such as nicotine and sanitises the entire air conditioning / cycling system
  • Can be used in any space including lobby area, bedrooms, gyms, and steam rooms)
  • Remains active for up to 7 days after use
  • Incredibly simple “lock and leave” system that’s, very cost-effective, and acts fast
  • Fully tested to British Standards BS EN 14476 (Viruses), BS EN 1276 (Bacteria) & BS EN 1650 (Funghi)

Please contact Dawnthrive Ltd for more information on the X-Mist sanitiser and deodoriser. We are here to help with all your PPE requirements.

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