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Part Number: FL-204-019

Alternative Part Number: 121241
Capacity: 2 Litres

  • Provides a safe method for dealing with and disposing of hazardous acid spills in hospitals, doctors surgeries, dental practices and health care centres
  • Easy to use, colour change on application indicates effective neutralisation
  • Reduce hazardous waste, after neutralisation, residues of acids are environmentally benign and can be disposed of as general waste
  • Returns a work area to workable condition quickly
  • Absorbency capacity 8 litres
  • Contents include 4 x 1kg bottles of acid neutraliser (each bottle will safely neutralise 2 litres of acid), 2 x chemical absorbent socks , 5 x chemical absorbent pads, dust pan and brush, 2 x waste disposal bags and ties and instructions and contents list
  • Supplied in a PVC cube bag
  • Please note: Product image shown is for illustrative purposes, the actual product may vary due to product enhancement

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